Bahamas scuba diving...
get ready for God's paradise!

Bahamas scuba diving we come!

Are you looking for a great Bahamas family vacation idea that is lots of fun for everyone from your teen kids to grandma? You may want to consider a Bahamas scuba diving adventure.

Older kids and adults alike enjoy scuba diving and there is no better place in the world to do it than in the Bahamas where the water is crystal clear and colorful sea creatures are abundant.

Here are a few famous spots in the Bahamas where the scuba diving is known to be spectacular.

Conception Island Wall

This dive spot is one of the most favored in the area. The waters are pristine and offer visibility up to 200 ft.

bahamas scuba diving Here you can view breathtakingly beautiful coral walls and the vast numbers of colorful fish that that use the coral for shelter.

There are also a few shipwrecks in this area for the more experienced divers to explore. Conception Island is a nature park so the undersea area is protected and the wildlife is carefree and curious of humans.

This is a great place to try your hand at underwater photography.

Dean's Blue Hole

Scuba divers love this spot not because of the abundant creatures or beauty of the dive, but because after diving in Dean's Blue Hole a diver can say he has been in the deepest underwater sinkhole on the planet.

This hole has a depth of 663 ft. Only the most experienced divers should attempt deep descents but divers of all ages can swim around the top level of the hole and lay claim to having been inside the world's biggest blue hole and eighth largest cave on earth.

colorado family vacation Exuma Cays

The Exuma Cays are thought by many to be one of the most beautiful Bahamas scuba diving spots. The area is remote and protected.

It is part of the Bahamas National Trust so this area is preserved in its natural state. The sea creatures are abundant and curious.

The underwater scenery is stunningly beautiful due to the coral reef walls and the colorful fish and sea creatures that dart about. This is a great place to go night diving in the Bahamas or take overnight diving trips.

One of the great thing about Bahamas scuba diving is that since it is so spectacular and draws in millions of visitors from all over the world each year, an entire industry has evolved on the Islands that caters to scuba divers.

You will find numerous scuba charters that cater to every desire. For example, you can take group dives to the many sunken ships around the Islands.

You can go on night dives, you can charter a boat and go wherever you want or sign up with a group dive.

There are dives for the most experienced and even dives for beginners where they will also teach you the fundamentals of diving.

colorado family vacation You can even stay in scuba diving resorts that offer daily trips so all you have to do is tumble out of bed and head for the boat. Lots of great family vacation ideas!

If you are a scuba diver or have ever wanted to give it a try, you got to consider a Bahamas scuba diving trip.

You will make memories that will last a lifetime and have a family vacation that even your teens will truly enjoy.

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