How to plan Family Vacations on a Budget

Tips to plan family vacations on a budget..

Tip One: Out of the Way Can be the Great Getaway

If the point is just to getaway as a family, no one said that it has to be the big world known attractions. Small towns that are an hour or two drive away can also be a wonderful "vacation." Book a hotel, find out what they have going on locally and spend a few days there just having fun.

Besides, Popular family vacations spots can be crowded, and you might be spending most of your time on in the queue.

Tip Two: Don't be Afraid to Drive

Driving can be such great fun. You get to see more of the country in the car and you get to stop and do more. With kids, after about 4 hours they want out. They want to do something or they are going to make you insane... unless they are teenagers and then they are going to sit there plugged into their iPod and they won't care. But hey, driving gives you the chance to engage your teenager. Don't be afraid of the price of gas, depending on your destination, if you budget properly it will be more economical for you to drive instead of fly.

Tip Three: Pack a Lunch

One of the other benefits of driving is that you can save money on food. Pack a cooler with drinks, fresh veggies, fruits and sandwich fixings. Be experimental and try some local food along the journey.

Tip Four: Coupon

No.. couponing is not just for going to the grocery. Many places offer two for one ticket prices or discount coupons in the local paper or over the internet. For example, if you are going to make the trip to Disney, get one of the local tourist papers. The reason is twofold, first you can get great discounts on the tickets for family vacations on a budget and you will even find ideas for other places to go for less than full price.

Tip Five: You Don't Have to Do Everything

Chances are better than not that if you really have a good time at your destination of choice you are going to come back again. This means that you don't have to stress yourself or your kids with making sure you get in all the sites on this trip. Leave stuff to do for next time. If one day you would rather lay on the bed in the hotel room and watch movies, so be it. Family vacations on a budget,does not have to be stressful!

How often do you go for a family vacations? Don't fret over the budget, just keep the idea of vacation open. Vacations are any time away from home where you are enjoying yourself. Each vacation doesn't have to be 7 days long. Even a visit to the grandparent's place can be a great experience for the kids.

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