Fun Family Vacation Ideas

So how can we have a Fun Family Vacation, without any fuss?

Most of us wish to take a vacation to "get away from it all". With that in mind, we don't want to end up all stressed out while on vacation...we want to have fun!

So how in the world do you go about having such a nice family vacation?

Below are just a few ideas on how to achieve a great fun affordable family vacations.

fun family vacation I Love it When a Plan Comes Together!

First and foremost, you want to plan on doing something that everyone in the family will enjoy.

Children and adults should make a list of what their ideal vacation would be. Give the kids magazines or websites to browse through for activity and destination ideas. Kids are experts in coming up with fun family friendly vacations!

Where Should We Go?

The perfect trip will fit your budget and your needs. The destination should only cost as much as you are able to spend.

What are your hobbies, likes and dislikes? History could lead you to National Landmarks, archaeology to ancient ruins, water to beaches and water parks, cold to the north, warmth to the south.

Activities and destinations you already enjoy will lead to a happy family vacation.

No Work Allowed in Your Fun Family Vacation!

Please, for goodness sake, leave your work at home. You're trying escape the stresses of the office, so there will be no family fun if you bring it along.

No laptop, no company cell phone, no company mail.

Focus on the family.

family fun vacation Prepare for Departure

1) Clear your desk at work before leaving. Leave good notes behind for coworkers to follow.

Plan on catch up time when you return. Inform clients you will be gone so you will not be bothered.

2) Remember to take any necessary items either for you or for the kids.
eg: medications, feeding bottle, favourite toys, battery chargers etc..

Time is Precious

Kids don't remain kids forever. Value the time you have together, don't spend the whole vacation arguing and fighting.

It's not worth stressing over the fact that you may share one room together, you may eat differently than when at home, and you may only be able to find a hotel with noisy neighbors.

Take it Easy

Did you know it's really not necessary to pack a day full of activities, leaving no time to rest? Really, just relax. Have a fun family vacation by just being together.


Travellers checks are great to use for currency. If lost or stolen they are replaceable. If you are travelling outside of your own country don't forget to have the correct currency on hand.

For instance: in Europe you might want Euros, in Mexico pesos, in the UK British pounds.

Do scout for a better exchange rate, and it is usually cheaper to get your currency converted at home rather than converting at the destination country.

The Ride

Have activities like puzzles, coloring books, games that your children can play on the play, train or in the car.

Portable DVD players are a good distraction. Snacks and medicine shouldn't be forgotten. Being prepared is the best way towards a family fun vacations!

Don't Forget the Pets!

Have snacks and medicines for them too. Have a pre-made lost pet flyer with you in case they run off.

Tag them with contact information. Don't forget them ...literally.

The Return Home

las vegas family vacation Take an extra day off before going back to work to get the house back in order. Unpack and do laundry right away rather than having it accumulate.

Leave yourself notes before you leave so you remember what needs to be done when you return.

These are all some basic tips to help you live your life easier and freer to enjoy that fun family vacation.

Value and respect each other, be prepared and don't worry over the little things. And do bookmark us for great family vacation ideas!

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