Weather in Las Vegas

So you want to know about weather in Las Vegas?

You need to go on a serious vacation at least once a year, and not a weekend getaway; a real full-on vacation for a minimum of a week. This is the vacation where the whole family packs up and goes.

Even if you have to save up for it the whole year, when the time comes you want to be able to have the money ready and leave.

There is no better place to go on holiday than Las Vegas.

las vegas family vacation The great thing about this city is that there is so much entertainment for the entire family to enjoy. It's not like other places that have fun things only for the kids to do. Here in Las Vegas you can have fun with the kids.

And it's real fun, not pretend fun just so the kids think you are having a good time.

However, just like any other holidays, it is good for your planning purposes to find out how is the weather in Las Vegas.. The climate in Las Vegas is more like an arid desert climate, due to the fact that it lies in the Mojave Desert.

This city is so great for holidays is because the weather is nearly always fantastic. They experience about 300 days of sunshine a year and not much rainfall is experienced.

Therefore you can go on your Las Vegas family vacation practically whenever you want. Anytime of the year that suits you will be fine.

From June to September are the summer months and they are known to be extremely hot, so if you are not a summer person, these months are not recommended for you to go on your well-deserved holiday!

During summer months the air is hot and dry with an average daytime high of 94-104 degrees and night time lows of between 69 and 78 degrees.

July and August, being the middle of summer sometimes exceeds temperatures of 100 degrees, which we all know is very, very hot!

You might not want to be out in the sun all day with temperatures like this as they can be dangerous if you are not protected.

You might want to wait until summer is over before you take your vacation if you think you won't handle the sun too well. las vegas family vacation

But if you have your sun cream at hand and your shorts, hat and T-shirts, then what are you waiting for?

Winter isn't something Las Vegas gets much of. There is hardly ever any rain fall, not to mention serious downpour. Actually there isn't much variation to the weather in Las Vegas except that it can get really hot sometimes.

Winters are very mild and are normally met with daytime highs of 60 degrees while the night time lows are on average about 40 degrees.

During the winter months there is some snowfall on the mountains off the city, but it isn't likely that you will get to be in any of it as the Las Vegas Valley itself doesn't often experience any snow.

So if it is snow you want, you will have to get up closer to the mountain or go to another city to get to the snow.

las vegas family vacation Las Vegas weather is perfect for any vacation. Whether you can afford it in summer or in winter it doesn't matter. Just make sure you consider you kid's preferences when it comes to the weather in Las Vegas, and check our Las vegas for kids section for tips.

Pack your bags for a great Las Vegas Family Vacation!

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